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About Us

About Us

The All in Race is a statistics and rankings website made to help us improve our race results by motivating runners to try again and again.

Our goal is to get every competitive runner in the world to be a part of this community, from distance road races of 5k, 10k, Half Marathons or Marathons.
In 2017 January, the trak 3000 meters was added. 

Just getting out there is an awesome accomplishment in our eyes and you won't hear a negative word about your efforts or results by any of us runners at All in Race. 

We aim to be your favorite place to log your race results.

Results Database

Each week athletes from all over the world. cross a finish line at an endurance event. For most of us, it's not about medals or prize money. It´s about beat ouselves,be better each race - going faster, going further, beating a rival, or lifting up a running mate. It’s about the minutes and seconds we fight for to beat our previous result. 

We are committed to work on your results data and provide your evolution status.

All in Race with your membership, will be the ultimate results database for competitive endurance athletes in the world. We have time results for running races for distances of 5k, 10k, Half and full Marathon. When you log in a race result, we will add it to our database and link it to your members accounts and Global Rankings. 

Athlete Community

Use All in Race not only to motivate yourself to be faster, but to cheer for your fellow athletes. Whether in your hometown, or the other side of the world - All in Race members share the passion for running in more meaningful ways to those around them on the site. Using the commonality of competition you can seek out partners to challenge a fellow athlete, or motivation mentors who have achieved things in racing that you endeavor to accomplish.

In Ranking you will see the athletes with better Personal Bests, slower Personal Bests or the same Personal Best and use that info to challenge yourself to get over them, or challenge a runner whether is a teammate or a complete stranger, you name it. We are all here to appreciate your effort in trying. 

How We Do It

The All in Race is for you competitive runner but is also made by you by logging your results, by giving us feedback to improve the website or the database and share the All in Race Experience with other runners so our community can grow.

We at All in Race are counting on the support of Athletes, Race Directors and Partners to make the database grow and be better and better. We as a develop team are like you as a runner, we want to be better day after day.

If you know anyone related to this awesome popular sport, he or she can contact us and send the results files or links to our team, who then upload the information to the database.

As more and more athletes sign up with All inRace, we are able to use the support of our members to track down more Races/Events, add the results of each AiR athlete to the ranking and stats database.

All in Race Privacy Policy

This policy is effective as of August 1st, 2014.

We built All in Race to make it easy to log and find your Ranking standings. 
AiR show only your Avatar name online giving you the privacy we all want.
Our default privacy settings limit the information displayed in your profile to your network.
No other personal info is asked after the registration.
We never ask for personal references like addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers so if you´ll receive any of this please contact us and the proper authorities.

Team All in Race

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