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Catarina L.

"This platform is so interesting. We have the chance to keep our records in a online safe location made for us.  
As I was entering the results, memory led me to so many moments that had already forgotten and they were fantastic.  
The All in Race is also great to reminds us the races  we did, the friends we found, the celebrated birthdays of scraped knees ... Thank you. "    

Thank You, athlete! You are for us a Elite athlete and we want to follow your progress!  

Catarina left this compliment to AiR who is also hers!  

These fantastic athletes are the reason that motivate us to continue.  

Team AiR
It is a really good way to challenge others.  I will try to bring my running buddies to this rankings site.   
Thank you for all you hard work.   

Thank you Erik.  
Means a lot to us. Everyone here cheers for you.  

We will welcome every runner you invite in.  

Team AiR

All in Race Develop Team
Send us your thoughts, ideas or suggestions to improve any feature.

We promise we will work on it!!

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