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My 2nd Anniversary as a Road Runner

My 2nd Anniversary as a Road Runner

March 19, 2015 / 1558

My 2nd Anniversary as a Road Runner

Sérgio accepted the challenge and shared his story with us at AiR to help motivate other runners

"Since I joined the gym in January 2010 until today i lost about 34 kilos (79 pounds) in weight, and i do not regret it one bit. 

I run for about five years now, I'm not sure when I started, i know it was in the gym´s treadmill, but I know exactly when I gave up that same gym and started running on the street!  

But it was exactly two years ago that gave the race that definitely convinced me to run always outside! 

I still had not taken that step, i was inexperienced and was afraid to run on the street because of weather conditions, especially the cold and rain in winter.  Well what happened, exactly two years ago was, that in the middle of this race a heavy rain fell over my head about 5 minutes or so, which made me get soaked to the bones ...  Under that blessed pouring rain on that day two years ago i learned that running in the rain is extraordinarily good!!  And so I made the decision!  On March 12, 2013 (I fixed the date because it is my mother's birthday) was the day I canceled the gym! And since then I have never stopped!  

In these two years I finished two marathons, some half marathons, and I have lost count the smallest events.  

Right now I have recorded 454 runs / workouts on the street, with a cumulative total of 491 hours 34 minutes and 33 seconds of racing, in which accumulated 164041 ft of elevation gain, all this for a total of 3.502 miles race!"  

All over the world, the feeling of achievement and the pride of passing our limits is the same. 
Thank you Sérgio.