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Beijing Snapshots

Beijing Snapshots

August 30, 2015 / 5722

Beijing Snapshots

Snapshots of the World Championships

Now in the end of the Athletics World Championship 2015 in Beijing is time to congratulate the athletes. 

As always records were beaten, others resisted, there were winners, but everyone gave the best they could. 

Much has been said by the media worldwide. We'll bring little moments to inspire you to pursue
your dreams.

From so many moments, we chose some that stood out to us by inspiration.

Aries Merritt, Olympic champion in 2012 and world record holder (12.80) in the 110 meter hurdles, has a peculiar history: In 2013 he was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease, aggravated by a virus that attacked the kidneys and bone marrow . 
After prolonged treatment, he returned to the track in 2014 but far from the best. 
However Aries reaches the world championships and get a bronze medal. Great mental capacity, the US, which will now undergo a kidney transplant. An example for all.

As Nelson Évora, the Croatian Super Champion Blanka Vlasic also went through a long injury ordeal (come to think that would never compete) but overcoming capacity was demonstrated in this world. He won the silver high jump with the same brand of winning with 2.01.
Nelson and Blanka shown that it is possible to return to the highest level. They were amazing.

Ashton Eaton has just won gold in the Decathlon. But the North American also beat his World Record. The North American knows he will have to complete the ordeal of the last race, the 1500 meters, down from 4 minutes and 18 to get it. When missing 800 meters, it does not seem possible. In the last round, the Algerian athlete Larbi Bourrada increases the pace and Eaton says "come on, you can make it ". The North American response "OK, I'm coming" and with the strong support of the Algerian (brilliant fifth place in end of the decathlon), with an amazing final sprint, ends up getting beat the record of the world (only 3 times an athlete passed the barrier of 9000 points, Eaton made it 2 twice). 
One of the best pictures of these world Championship is at the end, Eaton with her head against the head of Bourrada, to celebrate the moment. Sport at its best. Beautiful. Exciting. Inspiring Athletes.

The men's team of Jamaica has just received the gold. So far so normal for Bolt and company. But we have an image full of symbolism in the delivery of medals (thanks to Chinese organization). Because ? Because who handed the medals is the granddaughter of perhaps the greatest hero in the history of athletics, who made against the Nazis and gave an example to the world: Jesse Owens.
Written by Franck Carreira for